Grace Funnels with Kim Scott
Specializing in Sales Funnel Building and Management
You've got the funnel plan, strategy, branding and copy. You know its gonna be big. Huge! You can feel it in your bones. This is it. This is what you've been waiting for. But you've also got a life, and you've spent so much of it these past few weeks figuring out your who and your what...that now you are struggling to find time and patience for building the how.
Just so happens, that "the how" is what I love most of this whole funnel-building system! (I know, crazy, right?) Let's see if we are a fit to work together to get your sales funnel off the ground, running smoothly, with leads and sales flowing to your inbox.
After I review your application, we'll meet by zoom or phone call (your choice), for your free 30-minute consultation. Share with me your plans, what you have complete, where you are in your business, and what you hope to see happen in your preferred time frame. If we are a fit, we will move into the next step immediately.
Just complete this quick application and find a spot on my calendar for us to talk.
Briefly describe below what type of funnel you want to build, your product/offer, what your time frame is, what type of systems you are using/planning to use, and anything else you'd like to share.
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